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Why did ERCOT’s Power Prices Spike in August?

ERCOT August 2019 Price Spikes Background August 13th, as temperatures rose during the day, ERCOT power prices climbed to around $6,500/MWh around 2:00 pm before suddenly jumping to the $9,000/MWh that is enforced by market rules from roughly 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm. Two days later, even though system-wide load was several thousand MWs below […]

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EVA and NGSA Release Winter Natural Gas Outlook

EVA worked closely with staff at Natural Gas Supply Association to produce a Winter Natural Gas Outlook for 2019-2020. Top line findings from the NGSA’s Winter Natural Gas Outlook include: U.S. natural gas supply and demand for 2019-2020 winter are both forecasted to experience substantial growth winter-over-winter. Total gas production is expected to grow 3.8 […]

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EVA Report Finds the Renewable Fuel Standard Obsolete

| DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE | Several independent merchant refiners (belonging to the Fueling American Jobs Coalition) recently asked Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) to take a fresh look at how the current Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is performing as an energy policy in the current era of ever-increasing U.S. energy independence. The results are […]

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EVA Forecasts Strong Exports and Industrial Demand to Underpin Record-Setting Gas Demand this Summer

On May 30, 2018, Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) released their 2019 Summer Outlook for Natural Gas, which was prepared by Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA). According to EVA’s forecast, remarkable demand growth for the upcoming summer will be matched by record-setting production, resulting in flat price expectations summer-over-summer. Summer 2019 begins with a 1.13 TCF […]

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Gas and Coal Price Sensitivity Outlook: ERCOT Spotlight

National Summary: Gas burn in February actualizing at a record 27.35 BCFD, nearly 0.6 BCFD higher than in January and 2.4 BCFD higher YoY. Coal burn was relatively flat YoY for February, while hydro generation declined by 13.5% from last year. Exhibit seven demonstrates that gas burn is expected to remain around 27 BCFD through […]

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ERCOT Price Reforms to Curtail Retirements and Incentivize Distributed Generation Investment

Executive Summary In an effort to increase resilience ahead of summer 2019 the Texas Public Utility Commission has approved reforms that will increase prices during high-demand periods in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region. The reforms are expected to incentivize generators to defer retirement, while also sending price signals to customers to curtail […]