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Equal Demand Reaction? Sagging U.S. gasoline demand may thwart OPEC’s efforts to balance markets

The key premise of OPEC’s plan to balance oil markets was that reduced production, combined with increasing global oil demand, would erode excess supply. While the supply cuts have proceeded largely as planned, global oil demand remains an outstanding question. Most demand expectations for 2017 were already rather modest, ranging around 1.1 MMBD, or 1.1% […]

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EVA Special Report: Electric Vehicles Poised to Gain Increased U.S. Market Share

Arlington, Virginia – March 3, 2017. Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) today published a report evaluating the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States. The report, Outlook for Electric Vehicles in the U.S., reviews the current status of the EV market and evaluates the uncertainties surrounding the emerging technology and relevant regulations. In the […]

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Unwavering Support: Congress and the new administration will likely seek to expedite U.S. LNG exports

Over the last several years, a general bi-partisan consensus had emerged in support of U.S. LNG exports. The Republican party has strongly advocated for exports and while staunch opposition persists among a small set of Democratic politicians, most followed the Obama administration’s position of offering tepid support—provided projects first complete a comprehensive permitting process. Under […]

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No CPP, No Problem

To keep in line with the twists and turns of the fate of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, one of the highest-profile environmental regulations to come out of the Agency, which aims to reduce U.S. power sector CO2 emissions by more than 30% by 2030 below 2005 levels, the November 8 presidential election was no different. […]

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EVA Special Report: Second Wave of U.S. LNG Exports to Rival Magnitude of First Wave

Arlington, Virginia – February 14, 2017 Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) today published a report analyzing the current status of U.S. LNG exports. The report goes beyond the increasingly well-understood first wave of U.S. LNG projects and evaluates the potential timing and magnitude of a second phase of projects likely to be sanctioned over the next […]

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Solar Down South: EIA AEO 2017 predicts enormous solar PV builds in the Southeast

  The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released its Annual Energy Outlook for 2017 (AEO 2017), which provides projections through 2050. One of the more interesting results from this year’s release is the EIA’s reference case projection of an enormous increase in long-term solar PV capacity in the Southeast. Utility-scale solar PV capacity in […]

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More Than a Headline? A closer look at non-binding HOA offtake contracts

Despite a strong consensus that the global LNG market is headed into a period of considerable oversupply, developers continue seek every opportunity to garner commercial momentum for their proposed LNG projects. Binding offtake contracts remain a necessity for new LNG projects. Given the scale of the investment and length of the construction timeline, proposed projects […]

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EVA Special Report: Competition Between Renewables and Natural Gas Escalates

Arlington, Virginia – January 19, 2017 Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) today published a report analyzing regional dynamics of near-term renewables and gas power capacity additions. The report focuses on a few critical states (Texas, California, Pennsylvania and New York) and evaluates the increasingly prevalent competition between gas and renewable energy (namely, wind and utility-scale solar […]