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Robert DiDona to Lead Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc.’s Power Practice

Arlington, Virginia – November 29, 2016 – Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. (EVA), announced today that Robert DiDona has joined the firm as a Partner, heading the Power Practice business unit. Mr. DiDona joins EVA from BNP Paribas where he was the Head of US Power Trading managing proprietary trading books, client flow and structured transactions. […]

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EVA Provides a Structured Assessment of the Dynamic Long-term Global LNG Market

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 17, 2016  The global LNG industry is in the midst of a massive transformation. New supply is expected to overwhelm demand and drive down prices to levels not seen in decades. Lower prices could spur new LNG demand, including from dozens of emerging markets that represent every major region in the world. […]

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Energy Ventures Analysis’ Daily Natural Gas Advisory Service Uniquely out in Front of Breakout Price Rally

Arlington, Virginia – October 7, 2016 – By employing their proprietary modeling and intelligence of both market fundamentals and price/volume term-structure, EVA has positioned its Daily Natural Gas Advisory clients ahead of one of the largest non-fundamental price moves of the past three years.  Through continuous observation of flat price, spreads, volumes, volatilities and how […]

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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT Gas-Coal Burn Price Sensitivity Forecast Report

DESCRIPTION:   The natural gas and coal markets are undergoing significant structural shifts in an era in which both fuels have become increasingly competitive within the electric power sector. What separates the recent history of ‘coal-to-gas’ switching (C2G)—to which many market participants have become accustomed—from today and the future are those structural changes which will make […]

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Michael Schaal to keynote the Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference on September 29 in Houston

Arlington, Virginia – September 14, 2016 – Michael Schaal will speak at the keynote session at the Platts 11th Annual Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference, to be held September 29-30 in Houston.  Michael will be kicking off the conference with, “Oil and Natural Gas Pricing Report.” Michael will be providing an overview of the current […]

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EVA’s Monthly Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Price Forecast Released

Arlington, Virginia – August 26, 2016 – EVA just released its Monthly Short-Term Crude oil and Petroleum Products Price Forecast report. A current issue in the market is the timeline for when supply and demand could eventually balance. EVA’s view is that the market will not be in balance until YE2017, which notably contrasts the […]

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EVA Release: Quarterly Overview of the Natural Gas Industry

Arlington, Virginia – August 4, 2016 – EVA has released the Quarterly Overview of the Natural Gas Industry. The report systematically covers the seasonal, structural and other drivers shaping the U.S. natural gas markets through 2019. The outlook beyond the current natural gas storage overhang is shaping up to be complex as several discrete structural […]