Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions

EVA provides an array of consulting and analytical services for the coal and natural gas sectors and is considered one of the leading energy consultants in the industry.  Prior consulting projects have covered nearly every facet of the industry, including mergers and acquisitions.  Among EVA’s numerous accomplishments in the area of asset acquisitions, are the following:


  • Lead analyst for one of the most profitable acquisitions of Texas power plants. This assignment involved the detailed assessment of the region’s power industry, fuel consumption, transportation, environmental considerations and the dynamics and economics of the marginal source of power, namely gas-fired generation.
  • Power Plant Asset Evaluations:  EVA has performed valuations for over 75,000 MW of capacity in the power sector for lenders, investors, hedge funds and prospective purchasers.  These valuations include both individual power plants in operation and under development, as well as assessment of large and small portfolios of power plants.

Gas, NGL and Oil

  • Lead analyst for a billion dollar U.S. shale joint venture.
    • Performed detailed assessment of all shale plays, including well economics, major participants, infrastructure, trends, etc. and their potential for investment.
    • Results included two shale joint ventures, one world-scale announced gas-to-liquids facility and the potential for another.
  • Lead analyst for major hedge funds seeking to acquire major interstate pipelines.
  • Lead analyst for the acquisition of significant producing properties, including both onshore and offshore properties.
  • Lead analyst for the acquisitions and financing of industry infrastructure, including processing plants, terminals, LNG terminals, oil and petroleum product pipelines, ethanol refineries and oil refineries.


  • Managed sale of coal properties
    • Lexington Coal property sales (IN, IL, WV).
    • Power Holdings reserve sale (IL).
    • LaRosa coal reserves (WV).
  • Advised Investors on Acquisitions and Restructures
    • Advisor to board of major public company.
    • Advisor and Board member of private Kentucky mineral-owning company.
    • Advisor to numerous equity investors.