Integrated Resource Planning


Integrated Resource Planning

Since 1981, Energy Ventures Analysis has supported U.S. electric utilities in all of their integrated resource planning (IRP) endeavors. For over 30 years, EVA has been providing the U.S. energy industry with state-of-the-art short-term and long-term forecasting services for every energy commodity. EVA’s success as one of the best energy consulting firms in the country is founded in:

  • Superior data quality
  • Tested and proven integrated modeling process
  • Exceptional customer service

EVA’s Integrated Business Process

EVA possesses a suite of databases, models, and market insight that feeds its integrated business process. EVA continuously updates its integrated models and databases with real-world data and most recent market insights. EVA’s commodity and power prices are seamlessly integrated and provide an internally consistent outlook. EVA utilizes EPIS’ AURORAxmp hourly electric power dispatch model to accurately model the North American electric power sector. However, EVA highly customized its AURORA model to fit our granular understanding of the North American energy markets.

EVA integrated resource planning IRP overview

Overview of EVA’s Customized Forecasting Services

Over the last three decades, EVA has assisted numerous investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipalities with their integrated resource planning process. EVA can support utilities in their IRP process in a variety of ways:

  • Provide modeling inputs for utility planning models based on EVA’s internal assumptions
  • Customize EVA commodity forecasts by adjusting minor factors (e.g., coal export assumptions)
  • Deliver completely integrated and balanced commodity price forecasts based on client’s unique market assumptions and case scenarios
  • Supply complete suite of integrated resource planning including electric power scenario modeling, report writing, and expert testimony

Potential Suite of IRP Data Services

Possible available data services as part of the integrated resource planning assistance include:

  • Power plant-specific delivered coal and natural gas prices
  • Fossil fuel consumption by generating unit
  • NOx, SO2, and CO2 emissions by generating unit
  • Emission allowance prices by emission market
  • Includes possible federal CO2 market
  • Renewable energy development by power region and/or states
  • Includes DG solar development
  • REC prices by REC market
  • Generation, utilization, and dispatch cost by power plant unit
  • LMP by power market hub (on-peak, off-peak, around-the-clock)
  • Capacity prices by LDA
  • Transmission summary between power zones
  • Detailed capacity and generation outlook by fuel/technology type and power market
  • Electricity demand outlook by power market
  • Resource supply stack by power market

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