Energy Modeling


Energy Modeling

Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA) develops, maintains and operates a wide variety of energy models to support our forecasts and those of our clients. Also, EVA principals and staff have extensive ‘hands-on’ knowledge of, and experience with, other energy modeling platforms. This experience encompasses the EIA’s National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) and its various modules, the World Energy Projections System Plus (WEPS+), and AURORAxmp.

EVA staff that have extensive experience with:

  • Designing, building, validating, and operating energy models
  • Developing scenarios that reflect a broad range of sensitivities
  • Working interactively with clients to develop well-understood assumptions and scenarios
  • Communicating the results to clients and client stakeholder groups in an effective manner

Energy Model Development Experience

  • Schaal has direct experience in managing the development and operation of EVA and EIA’s energy models. Mr. Schaal was the Director of EIA’s Office of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels Analysis. There he was responsible for modeling relevant subject matter that supported EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook, International Energy Outlook, the Short-Term Energy Outlook, and special reports requested by the Congress or the Executive Branch. Mr. Schaal led the development of new modeling capabilities for EIA including for upstream oil and gas production, refinery operations, and natural gas transmission and distribution.
  • Benítez has direct experience with EIA models such as NEMS and WEPS+ and has extensive knowledge of their architecture and workflows. He managed DOE/NETL’s development of the Capture, Transport, Utilization and Storage (CTUS) module that has been successively integrated into EIA’s NEMS, and also completed a Component Design Report (CDR) on an innovative approach towards modeling coal supply within EIA’s WEPS+. His experience includes operating the models, designing models, managing energy data in models, and in creating/debugging/defaulting source code. He has advanced skills in FORTRAN, JAVA and GAMS programming languages. In addition, he has significant experience with handling and processing large data sets to inform and run modeling systems. Some recent projects Mr. Benítez has developed include:
    • NETL-NEMS Run Tool – A Java-based tool designed for automating the process for EIA-NEMS runs. The tool replaces most external scripts used by NEMS to execute a run in addition to adding processes for easier integration of source code modifications.
    • NEMS to Econometric Input-Output Model Translation Tool[1] – A tool with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed to extract and convert CTUS-NEMS information into economic impacts and GIS formatted reports. The tool also contains auxiliary routines for the analysis of NETL R&D program goals.
    • EVA-IIR Trader Momentum Report Model – An automated tool developed for the automated short-term forecasting of continental U.S. power markets. The tool contains features which enable the automated processing of large real-time data sources and uses AURORAxmp[2] to forecast power market behavior.

Available Energy Modeling Platforms

EVA has the capability to create new models in several programming platforms and leverage automated external information streams. The following is a list of a few programming languages familiar to EVA staff:

  • JAVA
  • GAMS
  • R
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic