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Over the last 30 years, EVA has developed an extensive consulting practice providing services to a wide array of clients in the natural gas, NGL, LNG, crude oil and petroleum products markets. We offer considerable expertise in market and financial analyses, short- and long-term price forecasting, asset evaluations and expert witness testimony for each of these deeply interrelated components of the energy industry. In addition, EVA offers several popular subscription products, including our Monthly Gas Report, Monthly Oil Report and Quarterly LNG Outlook, which provide deep insight into each of these critical energy industries.
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The U.S. natural gas market has been utterly transformed by the development of shale resources. The corresponding low prices have rapidly established gas as the fossil fuel of choice for the power sector, with gas-fired generation regularly out-competing coal for market share. Industrial demand is rising, as well, as it becomes increasingly clear that low prices are likely to persist. So abundant are the U.S. gas resources, that the country is rapidly ramping up exports via pipelines to Mexico, as well as LNG to global markets.

EVA has authored or co-authored over 40 industry publications, which cover nearly every facet of the U.S. and global natural gas industry. In addition, EVA maintains a suite of proprietary databases and models concerning the natural gas industry, which provide the backbone for its Special Topic Article series, as well as the Monthly Gas Report.

EVA’s natural gas team has proven itself, time and again, as one of the leading consulting groups in the industry. EVA is equipped and eager to help you solve any financial, regulatory or market issue that concerns your business.

The shale revolution has caused a transformation of NGL supply dynamics. Like oil and gas, U.S. NGL production was in steady decline until the industry started developing the liquids rich shales in the late-2000s. Since then, domestic NGL production has rapidly increased to record levels. As with gas (via LNG), U.S. NGLs are now being exported to global markets, a trend likely to continue going forward.

EVA tracks with its proprietary database the numerous changes occurring to the infrastructure (i.e., processing plants, fractionators, NGL pipelines and export terminals) supporting the NGL industry. In addition, EVA analyzes the significant changes occurring in the markets for each of the components of the U.S. NGL stream, all of which have unique fundamentals. This includes outlooks for the lighter components (ethane and propane) all the way to the heavier components (butane and gasoline).

EVA has performed an array of market and financial analyses for the rapidly changing domestic NGL industry and has been the lead analyst for a major acquisition within the midstream industry. In addition, EVA has authored a number of industry publications and regularly writes about NGLs as part of its popular Special Topic Article series.

After several years of high prices, the oil industry is now adapting to the reality that supply increases—most notably from the U.S.—are outpacing demand growth. The resulting downward pressure on global prices has transformed the outlook for the entire industry. Projects on the high-end of the cost curve have been abandoned, assets have been divested and geopolitical relationships—especially the role of OPEC—have been realigned.

EVA has over 30 years of experience in tracking the crude oil and petroleum products industries. We provide detailed assessments of the dynamics on both the demand and supply side of the equation. Using our granular assessment of global oil markets, EVA offers the following services to our clients:

  • Long and short-term global oil supply/demand balances
  • Analysis of core supply developments in key non-OPEC countries, such as the U.S., Brazil and Canada
  • Play-by-play outlooks for North American unconventional liquids.
  • Forecasts of current and future OPEC production and spare capacity
  • Forecasts of oil price basis differentials and their dynamics; specifically due to U.S. infrastructure developments
  • Short-term and long-term price outlooks for an array of U.S. petroleum product prices that include both N.Y. Harbor and Gulf Coast locations and five grades of distillate, nine grades of residual fuel oil, gasoline, jet kerosene, and propane

In addition to preparing a wide variety of consulting assignments for its client base, EVA has authored numerous industry publications and produces a popular series of oil-focused publications, including our Special Topic Article series and the Monthly Oil Report.

Once destined to become a major LNG importer, the U.S. is now in the midst of a remarkable transformation into one of the world’s largest LNG exporters. With nearly 9 BCFD of export capacity expected online by 2020, U.S. exports are poised to fundamentally alter global LNG trade dynamics. The corresponding impact of LNG exports on the U.S. domestic gas market will be no less significant, especially given the increasing likelihood of second wave of U.S. LNG projects scheduled to come online in the early-2020s.

EVA believes that to understand the future of North American gas markets, one must understand North American LNG. Yet in order to do so, it is necessary to keep tabs on global dynamics, as well. EVA’s Quarterly LNG Outlook is designed for that exact purpose, providing a deep but concise dive into the global LNG industry. We also write frequently about LNG in our Special Topic Article series, including a detailed Global LNG Report, published annually, and a U.S. LNG Status Update. Finally, clients are given access to our comprehensive LNG Database, which includes detailed information on every LNG export and import project in the world, as well as supply and demand forecasts for every LNG importer and exporter through 2040. Read more about our LNG products below.