Quarterly LNG Outlook


Once destined to become a major LNG importer, the U.S. is now in the midst of a remarkable transformation into one of the world’s largest LNG exporters. With nearly 9 BCFD of export capacity expected online by 2020, U.S. exports are poised to fundamentally alter global LNG trade dynamics. The corresponding impact of LNG exports on the U.S. domestic gas market will be no less significant, especially given the increasing likelihood of second wave of U.S. LNG projects scheduled to come online in the early-2020s.

EVA believes that to understand the future of North American gas markets, one must understand North American LNG. Yet in order to do so, it is necessary to keep tabs on global dynamics, as well. EVA’s Quarterly LNG Outlook is designed for that exact purpose, providing a deep but concise dive into the global LNG industry. Special focus is given to the ongoing development of U.S. LNG export projects, but global issues—including crucial shifts in pricing dynamics—are explored in-depth, as well. The report includes short-term (3-year), country-by-country supply and demand forecasts, as well as insight into the main trends impacting each region.

Subscribers also gain access to EVA’s comprehensive LNG Database, which includes detailed information on every existing, under construction and proposed LNG import and export project in the world. The database also provides historical import/export data by country, as well as long-term future supply/demand forecasts by country.