Quarterly LNG Outlook


U.S. LNG exports are an increasingly important piece of the ever-dynamic lower-48 natural gas supply and demand balance. The set of factors impacting U.S. LNG exports grows more complex as the global LNG trade expands.

EVA’s Quarterly LNG Outlook, a natural complement to our domestic natural gas reports, synthesizes the wide array of developments in the LNG market to provide extensive coverage of leading trends and precise analysis of market fundamentals and pricing dynamics. EVA’s LNG report services delve into the following areas to assure that our clients are on top of the ever-changing market:

  • Insights into the key market developments impacting each region
  • Forward three-year supply/demand forecast for 115 countries
  • Benchmark pricing assessments and arbitrage estimates
  • Summary of inter-basin trade flows and vessel shipping dynamics
  • Updates on facility-level utilization, project status, and contract negotiation
Sample Charts and Graphics from Quarterly Report

In addition to the contents of the quarterly report, subscribers also have access to EVA’s comprehensive LNG database, as well as EVA’s Weekly LNG Roundup. EVA’s LNG database includes detailed information on every existing, under construction, and proposed LNG import project in the world. Additionally, the database provides historical import/export data by country, as well as mid-term supply/demand forecasts by country.

EVA’s Weekly LNG Roundup intends to provide up-to-date analysis of significant factors in this dynamic industry. The product will include a weekly update of key pricing, shipping data, U.S. LNG feed gas demand estimates, EVA’s calculation of U.S. LNG arbitrage based on the latest settlements, U.S. LNG netbacks, and trading activity commentary from the EVA gas team on the significance of those indicators.

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