Monthly Renewable Energy Outlook


Monthly Renewable Energy Outlook

EVA’s Monthly Renewable Energy Outlook aims to provide traders, asset owners, developers, utilities, and other stakeholders with up-to-date analysis on how renewable energy is impacting power and other commodity markets at a time when utility-scale and behind-the-meter renewable installations are accelerating.

Subscribers to this report are clients who have questions like: how will wind capacity installs in the SPP market impact natural gas and wind prices if existing turbines have a high, medium, and low capacity factor month? How do solar installs in ERCOT impact power prices across the summer strip? How is the latest FERC ruling impacting potential renewable energy growth? Or where can i find an up-to-date analysis on which states have adopted what renewable portfolio standard?

The report, which is published on a monthly basis leverages EVA’s expertise in power, natural gas, and coal to forecast and conduct sensitivity analysis on how renewable energy impacts market dynamics nationally as well as in ERCOT, CAISO, SPP, MISO, and PJM.

The report

  • Provides an update on recent renewable capacity additions and performance as well as EVA’s baseline forecast for the prompt 12 months,
  • Identifies the potential impact of renewable output on power prices and fuel consumption under various scenarios,
  • Summarize recent policy and regulatory developments on renewable energy and attempt to quantify the potential impacts on future capacity additions.
  • Delivers an up-to-date map of renewable portfolio standards in the lower-48.
  • Illustrates historical generation and capacity factors in key markets.

To subscribe, request a sample, or for more information, please email us at [email protected].

Sample of Energy Ventures Analysis Renewable Energy Outlook

To understand the various ways our renewable energy outlook is utilized check out our blog post on the impact of COVID-19 on Permian Renewables or our article on what the New York government is doing to try and attain its ambitious energy goals.

Please contact Rob Didona at [email protected] for more information or to obtain a sample of this report.