Emission Allowance Forecast


Since the start of EPA’s Acid Rain Program in 1995, the first emission allowance trading program in the United States, EVA has become one of the few leading national environmental allowance forecasters. Forecasts are developed through applying environmental compliance models that calculate the lowest cost compliance strategies through integrating (1) unit specific retrofit environmental control costs and performance to calculate marginal compliance costs and (2) projected unit generation and fuel use. Major Clients include electric utilities, power market traders, environmental control developers/manufacturers, investors, fuel transporters and others. EVA currently provides short-term and long-term emission allowance forecasts for the following markets:

  • EPA SO2 Acid Rain Program
  • EPA Cross-state Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) SO2 Group 1/Group 2
  • EPA CSAPR NOx Annual
  • EPA CSAPR NOx Seasonal
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) CO2 Program
  • California/Quebec CO2 Cap-and-Trade Program
  • EPA Clean Power Plan- Allowance & ERC
  • National GHG Offsets