Quarterly Renewable Energy Outlook


Quarterly Renewable Energy Outlook - Download PDF

Anyone interested in the future of U.S. power markets needs to understand renewable energy. Yet the industry is rife with uncertainty. New companies are announced everyday, while others slide into bankruptcy just as quickly. Projections for new capacity additions, along with cost and performance assumptions, are remarkably varied. Even for existing projects, it can be exceedingly difficult to pin down key metrics due to considerable differences between regions, geography, financing structures and many other factors. Further, the industry still benefits from a complex and shifting web of state and federal policy support mechanisms, ranging from vital federal subsidies like the ITC and PTC to state RPS programs.

There is certainly no shortage of analysis covering the renewable energy industry, but readers are forced to sift through a sea of white papers offering wildly different projections and perspectives. Much of the analysis suffers from ideological presuppositions and frequently skews towards outright advocacy for one outcome or the other. For those who want a clear and objective viewpoint on the future of renewable energy, the options are limited.

EVA aims to fill that gap. Our Quarterly Renewable Energy Outlook contains everything you need to know about current trends in renewable energy, delivered with clear and objective analysis. The Outlook provides short-term (3-year), state-by-state renewable energy capacity forecasts, broken out by technology type. It offers deep but concise insight into the major trends driving new capacity installations, including evaluation of technology cost reductions, performance improvements and notable state and federal policy changes. Our team is constantly researching, re-examining assumptions and verifying data. The result is uniquely piercing and objective insight that allows our clients to cut through the noise and uncertainty surrounding the U.S. renewable energy industry.